Health is among the most precious things we have.

Food supplements Sir Anton's Formula Veritas BF and Sir Anton's Secret support human health and enable us to feel good mentally and physically. These tablets are built on the knowledge gained from 25 years of research, manufactured in the Czech Republic, and combine the power of nature with the possibilities of modern technologies.




The human body consists of approximately 35 trillion cells, and for our health, it is essential for these cells to be in balance (homeostasis). However, achieving this balance is challenging in today's world.

The tablet Sir Anton's Formula Veritas BF was developed based on 25 years of scientific research and maximally supports the organism's homeostasis, which is the ability to maintain a stable internal environment of cells. Thanks to balanced homeostasis, the immune system is simultaneously supported, leading to faster regeneration, improved sleep, overall resilience, and emotional stability.



The tablets Sir Anton's Secret support our health in different areas. They focus on stress reduction, increased energy and performance, improved fat burning, enhanced mental capacity, and support for the vascular system in connection with maintaining an optimal level of homocysteine.


Support your health

You can find the products Formula Veritas BF and Sir Anton's Secret in our e-shop. You can choose between 1-pack, 4-pack, or maxi-pack options. It's up to you to decide which variant suits you best.